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Amish Cheeses of Ohio

SKU: amishcheesex6 $49.99
From the Northern Area of Ohio comes the finest of the Amish Cheeses - Heini's, Fort Bunker Hill, and Amish Valley Farms - Six (6 wheels) twelve ounce (12 oz.) each Mini Wheels - each cryovaced for freshness - that's approximately four and one half pounds - and ALL NATURAL - The Flavors: Amish Valley Farms Marble (White and Yellow Colby mixed), Fort Bunker Hill Colonial Cheddar, Heini's Amish Bermuda Onion Cheese (one of our most popular cheeses for the Holidays), Heini's Amish Jalapeno Pepper Cheese (there is defintely jalapenos in this Cheese), Heini's Amish Gouda (SemiSoft), and Heini's Yogurt Cheese (SemiSoft made from Part Skim Milk) - these are all great and you or your gift recipient will have cheese to enjoy for quite a while. This assortment is perfect to prepare a holiday cheese tray - some yellow, some white, even a marble cheese - delicious, wholesome and all natural - THIS ITEM PROVIDES FOR SIX (6) MINI WHEELS - EACH WEIGHING 12oz. minimum - WHAT AN ASSORTMENT FOR ENTERTAINING -

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