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Donckels Belgium Truffles - Six

SKU: trufflesx6 $42.00
RICH, DARK CHOCOLATE ROLLED IN COCOA - As with a few of our products, Donckels Belgian Truffles are shipped to the US only during the Holiday Season and through early winter. These rich dark chocolate cocoa dusted truffles are such a delight for at home sharing, entertaining and gift giving. Our Donckels Belgian Truffles always bring an outstanding review regardless of the setting - from glamorous parties to a quiet fireside gathering - these smooth delicious dark chocolate truffle concoctions have won our hearts. Available in Original (Nature) boxes, you'll love receiving and giving these unique chocolates. Although they are to be kept in a cool and dry place, please place them at an ambient temperature of 66 degrees to 68 degrees F. one hour in advance of serving and savour them in the height of their aroma and smoothness. Truly delicious!!! Use By Date: July 31,2018 ***THIS ITEM PROVIDES FOR SIX (6) BOXES - 16oz. each - THAT'S SIX FULL POUNDS

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