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Caffarel Chocolate Liqueur Duo

SKU: caffarelliqueurduo $0.00
Item No Longer Available - from Caffarel, Italy's Most Refined Chocolatier!! The Chocolate Enrobed Liqueur Chocolates - The Best of the Best! This wonderful gift presents one pound each of the Cuneesi, The Rum Liqueur Chocolates and the Limoncello Liqueur Chocolates!!! You gotta try them to belive them. Spectactular Chocolate enrobing the very best of Italian Limoncello and Rum Centers - individually wrapped for freshness in only the best Italian Flare - When the name "Caffarel" is on the Bag, you know the contents are Superb. Enjoy!!! This Item provides for one pound each of the Rhum and the Limoncello Chocolates.

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