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Caffarel Chocolates & Confecions - *NEW* Amaretti Cookies

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Item No Longer Available - Caffarel, Italy's Most Refined Chocolatier PRESENTS their Amaretti Cookies - Amaretti Classici. For the past several years, many of you have asked us to find the SOFT Amaretti Cookies from Italy - well...we looked and looked until we found the very best - and they are made by Caffarel. We are so delighted to offer from Caffarel this wonderful Italian tradition of Amaretti Cookies. Each individually wrapped in the most delightful of colorful paper and ready for sharing with family and friends. Each bulk bag contains approximately 2.25 lbs of these cookies, or about 40-42 of these delectable soft amaretti cookies per bag. Oh my gosh - they are so wonderful. You have been asking us for the Best of the Best and these are absolutely THE BEST...You'll Just Love 'Em!!! And, as supplies last, we'll send you three (3) of Caffarel's Gift Bags for you to share with your friends and family, in Caffarel Style - Amaretti Soft Macaroons - Baked Confectionery Product - Ingredients: Sugar, Apricot Stones 36%, Almonds 7.5%, Egg White, Honey, Preserving agent: E202. May Contain Traces of Milk and Hazelnuts. Best Use By Date: September 30, 2011 - This Item Provides for one 2 lb.+ Bag of Caffarel Amaretti (Soft Italian Cookies) Individually Wrapped for Freshness), w/approximately 40-42 Cookies per bag. ENJOY!!! - The Italian Tradition Lives On!!! - OUT OF STOCK - DO NOT ORDER, THANK YOU.

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